Gaia Balancing & Reconnecting ®

 GBR, Gaia Balancing & Reconnecting ®, is a system created by the architect François Leca in 2010. GBR makes it possible harmonization of places and self-harmonizing with them.


The heart of GBR is the intention of either the practitioner or the occupants. Its operating mode is a form of energetic acupuncture on specific points of space, thru the body and the intention of the person practicing it, as would do a raised stone. It operates as re-informing or reprogramming in the spatial energetic structure framework (geomagnetic networks).


Inspired by cosmo-tellurism and field resonance research, GBR is part of the “Locus Arts”. It is an answer to a global approach in living and working places present concerns. GBR is related to collective and ecological consciousness. It is able to provide answers both on personal level within the place and on transpersonal dimensions. 


ISLArts trains GBR practitioners since 2010 (see training page).


(english translation : Laurence Aubourg)